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In the family law area you have a large number of lawyers who handle extensive caseloads but do not wish to handle the case on appeal themselves or because of the nature of the issues. Given the emotional nature of the issues and the dollar amounts that are at issue, often, again, it’s a case where having a second set of eyes looking at it and looking how you can present it best to the appellate court.

I like it because it’s a contract. I mean what you’re dealing with is you’re dealing with a contract that is usually standard form, that has been interpreted in many jurisdictions utilizing the same contract and you’re applying this contract to a set of facts and you’re working yourself through the insuring agreement, you’re working yourself through the exclusions.

I started practicing appellate work in 1982, after clerking for a year for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in Milwaukee. I was very lucky in my career in that I was able to get into the courtroom right away in my practice. The Minnesota Court of Appeals came into existence in 1983, so I always said I kinda grew up with the Minnesota Court of Appeals.