What are your recommendations to franchisors to limit potential litigation against franchisees?

Minneapolis franchise law attorney Kirk Reilly shares how franchisors can avoid litigation with franchisees.

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We’re asked this a lot, and that is what can franchisors do at the front end to avoid litigation or the risk of litigation. And obviously it’s to do everything they can in their franchise agreement, which transactional franchise lawyers do a great job with, to do everything they can in the operations manual, but what I’ve found and maybe what franchisors miss sometimes is they just need to do a better job training their employees about how to write, because every bad case I’ve ever been involved with has involved an email that someone wished upon reflection they would not have sent. And what we try to do is educate employees what is good business writing practices, what should be written, what should never be written, how to write a report that just sets the facts. But there are great things that good franchisor lawyers can do in your agreement, they can do it with your ops manual, but training of your employees can really save you a lot of time and money.