Does Gray Plant Mooty have any unique programs to help clients deal with vicarious liability?

Minneapolis franchise law attorney Kirk Reilly discusses how his law firm deals with vicarious liability.

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Yeah, we have created some really unique programs to help significant franchisors outsource all the headaches and problems of their, unfortunately for them, many, many vicarious liability lawsuits. What we do is we take care of literally taking that burden from the franchisor’s legal department, and we not only tender the cases to the franchisee, we make sure that the insurance companies pick up defense. We make sure that we oversee the insurance defense lawyers, they know what they’re doing. We certainly assist them with all franchise experience we have. And then we literally manage the case from beginning to end for a flat fee, and what we’ve found is this frees up some wonderful internal capital with the franchisor clients where they don’t have to hire staff to do this. They let their outside law firm act as an outsource, and we’ve found it to be really helpful for a lot of clients.