Why is Gray Plant Mooty so strong in franchise litigation?

Minneapolis franchise law attorney Kirk Reilly reflects on how his firm has such a strong franchise litigation practice.

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Well, at Gray Plant we’re blessed with two offices of 15 litigators that do nothing but franchise litigation. I’m not so sure everybody can make that claim, but myself, and you’ve met Eric Yaffe, and at least 13 other of us, that’s all we do for a living. And the great thing about having such a good core number of franchise litigators is we can talk and we can email, and you as the client don’t have to have people that don’t know it or haven’t done it. I guarantee you in our office, if an issue has come up, someone has done it before, and it’s just such a great resource to have. We also are blessed with some of the greatest and biggest and most successful franchisor clients in the country, and when you do work for people like that you’re representing great brands, you’re doing good work, and I think it helps us all kind of take great pride in what we’re doing.