Your firm is taking on tech giants Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, and others. What is the central dispute of this litigation?

California antitrust attorney Joseph Saveri explains that large tech companies violated free market competition laws by agreeing not to hire away employees from each other.

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What the case is about is a series of agreements between technology companies and other companies located in the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, in which they agreed not to recruit or cold call each other’s employees. The agreements were entered into by the chief executives at the companies and affected people at all levels of the company. One of the most important things people have is the ability to get fair wages for their services and for their talents in a free and open market. And at a basic level, the agreements between the CEOs of these companies prevented that. And they went on for a number of years, affected wages throughout the industry. And so it’s not only a case that involves significant antitrust issues, but affects a real fundamental right of people, which is the right to get a fair wage and compensation for their abilities and talents.