Tell us about some particularly meaningful or memorable cases you’ve worked on.

Waukegan, IL personal injury attorney Brian Lewis reflects on a couple meaningful cases he’s worked on.

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There are several significant cases. Let me begin by saying every client brings something unique to our firm and to us. We’re humans and we are affected by the tragedies that our clients bring to us and we take them very seriously. Over the years, I have met incredible people and incredible families. A few that stand out.

I represented an 88-year-old woman who lived by the University of Chicago and she was on her way to work, she worked every day as a book editor for the university, and she tripped on a street corner that was defective. The City of Chicago did not treat her with the respect that she deserved and we took on the City. It was a proud moment for us to take on the big City of Chicago, a big corporation, who didn’t want to turn over evidence of inspections of that street corner, of other people who are out at that street corner, who knew about the condition of the street corner but pretended not to. So that is a case that – and we made a big difference in our client’s life who was seriously injured.

We’re working on another case as we speak that involves someone who was involved and seriously injured in a car crash and the insurance company that she tried to deal with before coming to us was not treating her appropriately because of the fact that she was not a US citizen. The insurance company tried to take advantage of her and because English is her second language, tried to quickly get her to sign a release and sign away her rights. I speak Spanish, we have staff that speaks Spanish, we are able right now to help her against, again, a big insurance company that’s trying to save money and take advantage of the little guy.