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Meet personal injury attorney Brian Lewis in this brief introduction video where he discusses his background and passion for law.

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I decided to become a lawyer because of some important family members who were lawyers. My grandfather, who passed away at the age of 99, was the longest licensed practicing attorney in the state of Illinois at the time of his death. As a child, I watched him in court, I talked to him about his cases, and I saw – he was fortunate, he lived for a very long time and had a successful career and I saw the difference that he made representing literally generations of families. We were lucky enough, in his later years, to be able to work on a case together and that was a proud moment for me and I know for him too.

I worked for an insurance defense firm handling mass tort cases, asbestos cases and medical related cases, latex glove litigation, fen-phen litigation, and that prepared me to transition to representing people who have been injured due to those things. For two years, I worked trying to save insurance companies money when their clients did something wrong and morally and ethically that was not something I felt like I could do any longer.

I’ve been involved with the Lake County Bar Association for my entire career, over the last 20 plus years. Five years ago I was fortunate enough to be elected into leadership, on the board of directors. I had been serving on various committees. I also, at that time, took over the Civil Trial and Appeals Committee as the chairman. I was also elected the president of the Bar Association and it is an honor for me to serve the legal community that I have been part of for all these years, now in a position of leadership.