Describe the legal process involved in getting compensation for my injuries.

Waukegan, IL personal injury attorney Brian Lewis talks about how one goes about receiving compensation for their injuries in a personal injury case.

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So the personal injury process begins with a meeting between you or your loved ones who have been injured and the lawyers at our firm. After we get all the information from you that we need and all the documentation that we need, we then begin the process. We’ll order records if we need to order records in a malpractice case. We’ll talk to the appropriate physicians to get your case certified. And regardless of what type of case it is, we then file a lawsuit and that means initiating a complaint with the court and then the process begins.

The defense then files an appearance and we exchange written discovery, and ultimately it results in the client and the defendant giving a deposition. And after that, after more discovery and more depositions, if there is no settlement in the matter, then ultimately we go to court and we have a trial. One of the things about Gibson Lewis that’s unique is that we have two or three lawyers working on every case. When you have a trial, you will have two or three lawyers sitting at counsel table, cross examining witnesses, speaking in front of the jury, and that team approach has been very successful for us.