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Meet medical malpractice attorney Scott Gibson in this brief introduction video as he discusses various awards he’s received, accomplishments in various lectures and writings, and his experience as a lawyer.

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When I finished law school I started right away as a prosecutor, a state prosecutor in Lake County, Illinois. I did that for four years and prosecuted some of the most notorious cases, everything from murder to child sexual assault to heavy drug crimes. And then after that, after about four years, I started in a personal injury practice for four years as an associate, and then since 1992, I have had my own firm, practicing exclusively personal injury law on behalf of plaintiffs who are injured people and the families of people who are wrongfully killed.

I have had the fortune of being able to be elected unanimously by the members of the Lake County Bar Association to be the president. I was the president from 2009 to 2010. I also was elected as the Lake County Bar Foundation president, which is our charitable organization helping members and organizations in the community from our legal perspective. In addition, I have been elected by my peers as members of the Society of Trial Lawyers, which is an exclusive trial lawyers’ group.

Throughout my career, even as a prosecutor many years ago, I have really enjoyed giving speeches, seminars, teaching other lawyers and law students about primarily trial practice. Through the years, I have written many papers that have been published in peer review publications and in articles about trial techniques, about pre-trial techniques, about aspects of the law.