What type of damages may be recovered in a wrongful death action?

Waukegan, IL medical malpractice attorney Scott Gibson talks about the damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death action.

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The state if Illinois had a special law called the Wrongful Death Act, and what it states is that what are called the next of kin, usually a wife or husband and children, can be other relatives, have the ability to bring a case when their loved one is wrongfully killed in an auto crash, in a construction injury, in a medical negligence case, et cetera. And what that means is, is that the actual losses that the law recognizes and what the judge would instruct a jury about are the losses to those next of kin. We call it loss of society, love, affection, advice, counsel, living together, that type of thing. And it’s a very important concept because it really is real, it’s the loss of the loved ones that they have suffered because their husband or their father has been wrongfully killed.