What’s the most rewarding aspect of your personal injury practice?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Ronald Kalish talks about the best part of his job.

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Well, when someone comes to me at the beginning of a case, there’s typically an imbalance of power, whether it’s having an issue with an insurance company, whether it’s having an issue with a hospital or a doctor, there is an imbalance of power. And it’s very rewarding to me to be the voice of my client and allow them to allow me to speak for them so that as the case progresses, at the end of the case they can feel like they’ve been heard and that justice has been served. Very rewarding to me.

It’s not always about how much money I am able to get for the client; it’s more about at the end of a case a client feeling like they’ve been heard, they’ve been listened to, and they’ve been treated fairly. And when that happens to me and my client, it’s a very rewarding feeling.