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Meet Chicago, Illinois personal injury attorney Ronald Kalish in this short introduction video.

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You can expect me to be very thorough in investigating the case, looking for that certain nugget or fact of a case that tells your story to the jury. You can expect me to explore every aspect of potential settlements of the case without having to go to trial, if it makes sense to both you and I.

It’s very rewarding to me to be the voice of my client and allow them to allow me to speak for them so that as the case progresses, at the end of the case, they can feel like they’ve been heard and that justice has been served. Very rewarding to me. It’s not always about how much money I am able to get for the client, it’s more about at the end of a case a client feeling like they’ve been heard, they’ve been listened to, and they’ve been treated fairly. And when that happens to me and my client, it’s very rewarding.

There’s websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor when you’re looking for a restaurant or a hotel or a resort. There’s websites that consumers can go to to search for comments that former clients, or lawyers, have made about other lawyers. There’s a website Avvo, A-v-v-o, that is similar to Yelp or TripAdvisor. And I think when you’re looking to hire a lawyer, it’s a great resource. You can search that lawyer.