Contacting The Firm: What can I expect if I contact the firm and will it cost me anything to talk to a lawyer?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Ronald Kalish talks about what his firm will charge for speaking to a lawyer and the best way to get in touch with attorneys at the firm.

Contact Ronald Kalish

Phone: (888) 325-7299


When you call our firm, you will be able to speak to an attorney, whether it’s myself, my partner Bruce, or another lawyer at our office. You will be able to talk to us. You’ll tell us a little bit about your case. We’ll be able to give you a little bit of feedback about if it’s a case that is the kind of case that we think we can help you with. Because if it’s not a case that we think we can help you with, it doesn’t make sense for us to be involved, for us to go further with you, and for you to spend time with us.

Depending on the circumstances, if it’s a case that we think we can help you with, we’ll have you come down to our office. You’ll meet with us in person. We’ll have an opportunity to look at any documents or photographs or evidence that you have about the case. And at that point we’ll be able to give you a better sense of what your case is about and if we think the case is something that we can help you with.

After that, if we take your case and you hire us, you can expect to be informed as the case progresses. We’re not going to call you every day or every week and say this is what’s happening in your case, but when there is an important decision to be made about your case, you’ll hear from us. We’ll have a conversation. if necessary we’ll have you come down in person and we’ll talk about what’s happening in the case at that time. And certainly you’re welcome to call our office any time you want. If I’m not available, my staff has information about your case and sometimes they can answer questions for you just to give you an idea of where the case is at.