What happens when I contact the firm?

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Attorney Mark P. Loftus talks about what clients can expect when they contact his firm.

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When you contact my firm, my firm is me. I kind of insist on that. We have great reception staff, so in the event you call, they will put you through to me. And we will talk a bit, and I will likely insist that we get together to meet. And we can meet in person. I’ve actually gotten a little bit up to date on technology. I sometimes meet clients via Skype or facetime. But I do insist on at least a face-to-face meeting because I need to get the facts of the underlying case.

And then after that meeting, I’ll do the necessary research or investigation. And then not long thereafter, I’ll get ahold of a client and let the client know if in fact I’m going to take the case. And, if so, what the next steps are. And, if we do go forward on the case, while the case is pending, when you call the firm, you deal with me on everything. Either phone, email, however. But you will deal directly with me.

One of the common complaints with lawyers is that, especially at the bigger firms, you go and you meet with a lawyer who is in a beautiful office and he comes in with a terrific suit on and he tells you all the great things he’s gonna do for you. And you never see him again. That’s something I work hard to eliminate. So, you will deal with me from the beginning till the end.