Tell us about some of the successes of the firm.

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Bruce Goodman talks about a couple notable achievements his firm Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish has accomplished and the importance of them.

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As a consequence, we are lawyers that other lawyers send cases to. Most lawyers are not trial lawyers because they don’t have the time, the expertise – they’re not capable of handling major catastrophic cases. We’re used to working with experts. We learned, for example, the field of medicine that we’re dealing with as well as the doctors know it. We learn how to design a machine when we’re dealing with a product liability case. We learn about construction practices when we deal with construction cases, and, as a consequence, other lawyers send us cases for trial purposes. They send us cases from the beginning so that we can take that positions and prepare a case for a successful outcome, and, so, I like to think that we are lawyers that other lawyers send their cases to.