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Watch this brief introduction video to Chicago, Illinois law firm Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish featuring personal injury attorneys Bruce Goodman and Ronald Kalish.

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We’re not intimidated by big legal teams or what they can throw at us. We have the financial wherewithal to fund the cases, and we have the experience and the expertise to try to the cases and prepare the cases for a successful outcome for the client. Our firm handles personal injury, which falls under some subcategories. We do medical negligence – cases involving mistakes made doctors or hospitals. We handle automobile accident cases. We handle cases involving injuries to pedestrians, injuries – if you’re on a bicycle. We handle construction negligence cases, which are cases where an individual is injured on a construction job site. We are lawyers that other lawyers send cases to. Most lawyers are not trial lawyers because they don’t have the time, the expertise, they’re not capable of handling major catastrophic cases. We’re used to working with experts. We learned, for example, the field of medicine. However you come to us, you can expect that you’ll at least get a telephone call with an attorney where we can go over the general facts of your case and see if it’s a case that we can help you with. If it looks like there’s something that we can help you with, you’ll also have an opportunity to come meet with us in person. You can come down to our office or, if necessary, we can come to you if it’s difficult for you to get here, but once we take your case, you can expect us to keep your case from start to finish. We don’t refer cases to other lawyers. We’re trial lawyers, so, you can expect us to handle your case, whether it resolves through settlement or through trial.