What sets your firm apart from other personal injury firms?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Bruce Goodman talks about what makes his firm different than other personal injury firms in the area.

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Well, there are several things. Number one, we are a small firm. We’re very selective about our cases and that allows us to give each case and each client a lot of attention. It allows us to thoroughly prepare our cases for settlement and, if necessary, for trial. What also sets us apart is the fact that we have, through our experience, the capability of handling very complex cases. We have sued all of the major automobile companies. We have sued many of the major manufacturers. We have sued many of the – in fact, I think all of the major hospitals in Chicago area. We’ve successfully sued Mayo Clinic. We’re not intimidated by big legal teams or what they can throw at us. We have the financial wherewithal to fund the cases and we have the experience and the expertise to try the cases and prepare the cases for a successful outcome for the client.