Construction Equipment Injuries: If I have been injured in an accident involving construction equipment, how do you go about pursuing the claim?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Bruce Goodman talks about how he goes about pursuing a claim for those injured by construction equipment.

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Well, first of all, the construction field is a very dangerous profession, and there are multiple ways that people can become injured. They can become injured because of the dropping of equipment. They can become injured because of equipment that hits them, pins them against something, runs over them. They can become injured because of falls from high places or cave-ins. It is a very, very dangerous profession. In order to successfully win a case and prevail on a case involving construction, we need to obtain all of the parties that were on the job site, we need to find out all of the superintendents, we need to know all of the people who were in charge of safety, we need to know construction principles, we need to be able to evaluate the contracts because oftentimes those contracts will require that general contractors, subcontractors, engineers be responsible for safety, and it is the responsibility of the lawyer to bring in all of the potential parties because there may be multiple parties – like subcontractor, the general contractor, the owner – that have at least a share of responsibility for safety and protecting against injury.