Birth Injury Cases: What types of birth injuries to newborns might give rise to a personal injury action?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Bruce Goodman talks about the birth injuries that can happen to newborns that would result in a personal injury action.

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Well, the saddest of all cases, we have cases involving wrongful death, we have cases involving severe injury, but when a parent is expecting a live and healthy child, that should be the most exciting happiest moment of their lives, and when a child is born with a problem that was preventable, it is, in my experience, the most catastrophic injury that can occur. Many of these injuries occur during the labor and delivery period. Doctors oftentimes may not recognize the potential that a baby is undergoing fetal distress – that the baby is not being oxygenated properly – the result can be severe brain injury that a child, although they may live a normal life expectancy, will require care for everyday needs as feeding, for changing clothes, may never talk, may never walk. Cerebral Palsy is a likely consequence of that type of injury. There are injuries that involve when if a baby is premature that can cause blindness – permanent blindness to the child. There are injuries that can cause – if a doctor does not exert or is not careful about exerting pressure upon delivery can cause a permanent injury to an arm called a brachial plexus injury and a child may never be able to use the arm or the hand and there is physical deformity that occurs later on, and these children don’t have a chance in terms sometimes of what their capabilities in life are going to be. It causes extreme emotional condition to both the child and the family. So, those are the most common types of injuries, and there can also be birth injuries to the mother, too, that can cause death, such as eclampsia or pre-eclampsia.