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Well, I’ve been doing this since the day I started law school I was fortunate enough to clerk for a very good personal injury firm in Chicago. And then shortly after getting out of law school I opened my own law office dedicated to representing injured people initially in personal injury and products case and then evolving into medical malpractice and class action cases. Currently, we do primarily medical malpractice and product liability because that’s where the biggest injuries occur and the people need firms with our expertise.

I guess I’m a child of the late ’60s when we wanted to rebel and fight against people that were trying to take advantage of everyone. While I didn’t burn my draft card I did become outspoken for the little guy and I’ve done it ever since. It’s been a passion of mine and that’s what started me in representing plaintiffs in personal injury work and that’s what encourages me every day to come to work and represent the little guy.

Whenever I’m handling a personal injury or medical malpractice case, I have to know everything that happened. If it’s a personal injury case, I want to go out to the scene of the accident, find out what he views are what people had. If it’s a medical malpractice case I have a nurse in house, we’ll study it so that we can speak with doctors as if we are doctors. Unless you can do that, you can’t handle a medical malpractice case. You can’t cross-examine and anyone and you can’t properly represent your client. You then have to make sure your client has resources and has access to the finest medical care they can have to make sure that no one can ever say they were malingering, they were holding back. Our clients always strive to make the best recovery they can

The most important thing if you’re interviewing an attorney you should ask them about what their personal experience is in handling your case all the way through trial. A lot of attorneys refer cases. They may advertise, they may promote their firm but what they’re really doing is filtering the case on to someone that’s more competent to handle. You’re much better off if you can deal directly with the attorney that’s going to be standing by your side, sitting with you in the courtroom holding your hand, and can do that. Our firm handles case from other lawyers it referred to us we don’t refer our cases out. We handle them in house. It’s very important to have the client ask the attorney for proof and showing of what their verdicts are where their name is in the verdict report or the appellate court as far as the case may go.