The Abigaile Lebron Case: Jeffrey M. Goldberg made national headlines for his work on behalf of Abigaile Lebron who was injured at birth. He tells us about that case.

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg talks about a famous case he worked on and its importance to him as a lawyer.

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Abigaile LeBron was injured from lack of oxygen at birth. The important thing that made it a nationwide case was we took on the legislature of the State of Illinois who had passed a law capping what children like here and what other medical malpractice victims could collect in a medical malpractice case. We felt having an artificial cap limiting what a jury may asses is not right and its unconstitutional. We took it through the trial court level, to the appellate court level, and to the Supreme Court level and we convinced the Supreme Court that the law the legislature passed was unconstitutional. And fortunately, I Illinois as opposed to many other states across the country our clients do not have a limitation because of what the Abigaile LeBron case dictated.