Tell us about your work as an actor. What soap opera were you on?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen reflects on his early days working on a small soap opera as an actor and the experience he had working long days with small budgets.

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I was never very good but I always had a good time. I was on something called The Catlins that we used to refer to as the Chitlins. It was on Turner. We started off as really a minor league player for the major soaps that at that time were almost all of New York. And we acted as really the minor leagues bringing an actor or two up to the major leagues. We started we were probably 40 or 50 percent of network quality rather than the 12-15 pages of script they normally shoot in a day we were shooting 45-60.

And we would have a call time of 5:00 AM hair and makeup and if we were lucky, we were off the set by 6:00 AM the next morning. And they were rewriting everything so quickly that they would put part of the script in front of the cameras just below it because there was no way we could commit to memory that quickly. But it was fun. And then when finally we got to be maybe 90 percent of network quality the big soaps killed us because our budget was so low and theirs was so high that it just wasn’t working. But it was fun it was a good run.