White collar

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about specific white collar cases he’s been a part of.

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We’ve handled a number of white-collar cases federally whether it’s been a chiropractor who billed way too much to the insurance companies when they hadn’t performed the services they asked for. There was about there point some odd million dollars in restitution. We went through the process several assistant US attorneys after that, we had a recommendation from the US Attorney’s office that he be incarcerated for four years. And our judge who’s now deceased, after we showed that our client had made restitution, full and complete restitution the judge said this has never happened to me in 40 or 50 years of practicing and being on the bench so he gave him nothing. Unfortunately, the US Attorney’s Office appealed the Court of Appeals upheld it and he was incarcerated for a couple of years. But that’s the type of thing that I like to do we like to take someone who has committed a crime, not a terrible crime but a crime that has impact and have him or her make restitution. And show not just financial restitution but emotional restitution and show they’ve done the right thing and will continue to do the right thing. What they did before was wrong but I get it and I won’t do it again.