Why clients should approach Reality TV with caution

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen gives advice on what people should do if confronted with a potential opportunity to be on reality TV and talks about his own experience dealing with clients who were a part of reality TV.

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You have clients who come in that want to be on television whether they’ve been asked to be an actor in a reality show or unscripted show or you have someone that’s come to us – let me give you an example. We represent a bonding company and they get people out on bonds after they’ve been arrested. They come to us and they say there’s this producer that wants to do a reality show and we say don’t do it. No, we’re different we wear coats and ties as men, the women wear dresses, we’re not working on Sunday, we’re classy. I said don’t do it. No, they want to follow us around for a month and so they do.

And our clients come back to us in a month and they say why did you let this happen? They want to make us look bad. And of course, I grin and I said remember, I didn’t tape it I probably should have recorded it but remember when I told you they’re not going to make you look good because if you look good nobody’s going to watch the show. And if nobody watches the show, it goes the way of so many other shows. That’s part of it, representing crazies on reality show especially actors is kind of fun when you know what you’re getting into to. They tell us what they’re getting into and we say yep, you are and by the way, you’re not going to get well compensated till you’ve been on the show for a couple of years. And it’s got to make it. But that’s the fun part of dealing with people with personalities that aren’t scripted personalities.