Meet Darryl Cohen

This brief introduction video features entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen as he talks about his background and experience as well as his philosophy on practicing law.

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I wasn’t cut out to be a traveling salesperson. My family wasn’t wealthy I didn’t have a business to go into so it seemed to me that being a lawyer doing it the way I wanted to do it gave me the most autonomy.

I was a wonderful student at University of Georgia where I spent five marvelous years rather than four because I was having way too good a time to get out. And then I was in law school in a small town in Georgia, Macon, Georgia at Mercer. Then after that, I became a lawyer.

Well there are actually two things one, obviously, when you’re compensated and two, when someone has a job well done for them and they call you or e-mail you or text your and they say thank you or three, when they tell you much later you’ve changed my life and you’ve made my life a better place.

There are too many lawyers in my view that are too condescending, pretentious, and they’re not friendly and as a result of that, they go to war. We try not to go to war we try to make peace.