How do you handle the media in high profile criminal cases?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about his approach in dealing with the media on high profile criminal defense cases.

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The first approach we have is be friends with the media long before you have a case. Take her to lunch, take him to lunch, have a drink with them, be their friend, be a source when they need help. Then when you have a high profile case, you’re not looking at a reporter who was after you you’re looking at a reporter who’s after a story and is your friend. That’s the most important part if you have a friend in the media and they’re your friends they’re going to make you or your client look a lot better than they would otherwise look. No comment is not something that’s in my repertoire. I say from time to time when they want to ask for a question to be answered, I’d love to talk to you I just can’t. But to use those two words of no comment is just doesn’t work it’s too adversarial.