How has your experience as an actor, tv commentator and host helped you as an entertainment lawyer?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about his experience as an actor and commentator and how they have helped him be an entertainment lawyer.

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Well, I was also president of SAG in Georgia, I was a national board member, and I was also chairman of the Daytime Emmy’s. So those things I try to take and put it together and know what it takes to be on either side of the camera. I know what actors need, I know what producers want, I know what shooters or camera people want. So it’s knowing – look, a contracts a contract, an agreements an agreement but when someone comes to you who’s in the business and they say I’ve got a gig and what happened to the wrap you know a gig is not a dance it’s a job, a wrap is not something you wear it’s the end of a shoot. So it’s that terminology if you know enough of it they feel comfortable with you and if you’re camaraderic, you can talk them into things that they ought to do or explain things in a way that they understand them. And that’s helped us whether its litigation, whether it’s – even in the ridiculous on camera, unscripted television that we are seeing so often, so long.