What type of clients do you represent in your entertainment practice?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about the types of clients he usually represents in his entertainment practice.

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We represent some on camera people, anybody who watches the Weather Channel, Jim Cantore is probably the best-known meteorologist in the county right now is a client and we represent him transactionally and also as his agent. We represent the chief meteorologist at a local Fox affiliate and the 11:00 anchor and several other lesser-known people. We also represent producers that nobody knows about but we have to represent them because they need to be represented. And it’s kind of fun to do that because these are people though in the entertainment side they’re logical thinkers as opposed to I just sang and I was on a record and I’m worth millions of dollars whether they or not. So it’s nice to represent people in the entertainment side that are logical and you can speak to logically rather than emotionally.