Drug offenses

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about specific drug cases he’s worked on.

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Again, going back to the federal system we had a pill mill, which has been really the target of US attorneys for some time because the opioid epidemic. And our guy cooperated, cooperated well and as a result of it rather than getting 20 years and in the federal system as every lawyer who does criminal knows you serve 85 percent of your time, he got nine years. We didn’t think that was such a great sentence. We were not really happy with it but every time we’ve gotten a since then and other lawyers they say oh, we can’t give you the same type of deal that Darryl got for his other client because it was way too low. And so we set a bar that we thought was too high but it turns out it was too low so who knows. That’s some of the fun stuff. Its fun later it’s not so much fun while you’re involved in it.

And then there’s another one where the client we represented was a pharmacist, had a very small mom and pop pharmacy. They dispensed more opioids than any other pharmacy in the state of Georgia and that included pharmacies that were associated with hospitals. We knew that we could get her a three or four-year incarceration sentence but she refused to plead guilty. We begged her, we pleaded with her, we even had a hearing when she stopped talking to me when I said I just can’t try this case because we can’t win it. And of course, it was tried, she lost she got 19 years and she was in her 60s so it made no sense.

That’s the bad part of practicing criminal law because people don’t get it. If they have a gun and they shoot someone or they rob someone they understand they’ve done something wrong but when its drugs, a white collar sort of situation nobody’s been hurt in their view and it’s very difficult for them to understand what they really have committed, the crime they’ve committed and what the penalties are.