What special skills and experience do you bring to the table in defending high profile individuals?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about his special skills in dealing with high profile clients.

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The first thing is I do a lot of commentary on air. I’ve done CNN, Fox, locally the NBC affiliate WXIA, I’ve done the CBS affiliate so I know the media and the first thing I try to do is when we’re representing a high profile person is get that person out of the media if I can. The prosecutors are very unlikely to help you if they know that there’s a target on their back so you get them out. And if you can’t get them out you turn them into a victim we did that with Lisa Lopez from TLC, we did that with Kid Rock, we’ve done that with ____, we’ve done that for a lot of people. That we get them out of the spotlight, turn them into a really good person, which most of them are, and let the world know that so that the judges and the prosecutors aren’t worried about feedback or pushback.