How has your background as an actor, commentator and host prepared you for your role as a criminal defense lawyer?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about how his background has helped him practice law.

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I think we’re all a product of everything that we do it’s helped me communicate to juries; it’s helped me look into a juror’s face, his or her eyes and try to convince them that what we’re saying is true. And we don’t bring a truth to them that’s an obvious lie. We may try to make it smoother but by being in the business I know pretty much what people like and what they don’t like and if you’re outrageous just throw it out the window it’s a boomerang. So just be nice, be communicative but don’t be so tough and don’t ask for something or bring something out that’s just so ridiculous that people tune you out. And the one thing you don’t want you don’t want a prosecutor to tune you out.

Let me give you an example, Lisa Lopez years ago from TLC, you may or not remember her but she burned her boyfriend’s house down he was a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. And it was a tough case but when I received a call, the case was almost done, from their record company and the vice president of business affairs asked me are you upset with us? And I responded I don’t know, why would I be? And he said well, have you seen the cover of Vibe Magazine? And I hadn’t so they couriered one over. And there, and unfortunately, this was pre-9/11, there were three young ladies in TLC they were dressed in firefighter’s outfits. So I could only think of words that are not appropriate for this interview.

And I immediately went down to the prosecutor to try and let him know that it was all good because I knew at some point he would find out about it. As I walked in his office bringing a copy of Vibe Magazine, he already has a copy and he throws it at me and says what do you think of this? And is said Well Bill, I brought you this because I wanted you to know that these three women are doing good things that they’re showing that firefighters put their lives on the line. And again, had this been post 9/11 it would have worked perfectly. He said you’re full of it you know it and I know it but you’ll never admit it. And that was good. We also had her speak to the judge ex parte with permission of the prosecutor and the judge said she’s clueless. So we knew when the time came for the plea that we had it all set up that it would be something that would go well for us and it did.