What is your approach to criminal law, for example, how do you deal with prosecutors, judges, juries, your clients?

Atlanta, GA entertainment and criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen talks about his specific approach in dealing with juries/judges.

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My first approach is to know everybody has a job to do. The judge has his or her job to do, the prosecutor has his or her job to do, and I has a defense lawyer have my job to do. So knowing that I don’t go into this as them being my enemy I go into as them having a job and me trying to convince them that my client is not as bad as he or she appears or that they need a break. And I find its all relationships. IT’s not who you know it’s who knows you and who will return your call, return your e-mail, return your text that’s what it’s all about because 99 percent of criminal cases should never go to trial. There’s some that have to regardless but they shouldn’t. And if you can make the right relationship then you can convince a prosecutor to be a little tough or maybe a little more sweet, a little more gentle. And that’s really what it’s all about is just massaging the system ad them knowing that you don’t lie to them. And that’s really important to me that a prosecutor may disagree with me but he or she knows I don’t lie and when you don’t lie you don’t have to remember what you said either which is pretty consistent.