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This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds as he talks about his experience and growing up as a promoter in the entertainment business.

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I think back to my early days, around five or six years old when I was watching a television show back in the day called The Judge. I was home sick from school and I saw this television show. It was somewhat like a People’s Court now. But I saw individuals there trying to plead their case to the judge on the television show. And I remember having an epiphany moment at the time, at the young age of five or six years old, that they needed somebody to speak on their behalf. They weren’t doing a good job getting their point across to the judge. And I thought, somebody should be able to speak on their behalf. I could do that for them.

Well, I spent a lot of my time in undergrad before law school unknowingly delving into the entertainment world. When I was there, I didn’t have a lot of money at my disposal. And I got together with a few friends and I kind of spearheaded these events that we would do. So we’d throw special events around the City of Atlanta at the time, doing promotions if you will.

I think my faith as a Christian helps to influence how we practice law and also how we engage in our clients. I really try to instill those values of kindness and respect and kind of going above and beyond, doing the best that you can with what has been provided to you, to our practice. I would say that my Christian values are probably the strongest influence.

I love to travel. Whenever I get a chance or if I’ve had a tough trial and I need to decompress and stuff or get away, I find that to be a great way to recharge. It also gives me a chance to interact with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, which I have found to be useful in the practice of law as well. Because I can relate to many different people in many different walks of life.