What level of service can clients expect from the firm?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks about the level of service his firm offers.

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Well, a good number of our lawyers at my firm have had prior experience at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world. And so what we’ve tried to do is to take that level of excellence and that level of attention to detail and good craftsmanship in the legal realm and apply it to our clients now. So what distinguishes us is perhaps some of our rates. We’re probably more competitive than the large firms. Also the personability; we’re a lot more approachable, and we like to think of ourselves as a very kind, friendly, and engaging law firm, that we’ve kind of tried to really get personal and invested into our clients. But we focus on still trying to provide that level of expertise and that quality, high-level legal service that you would expect at a large firm.