What makes your firm different from other firms?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks about what’s different about his firm.

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I think one of the most appealing things about our law firm is that we’re really fearless when it comes to trial advocacy. So when we have a personal injury case for example, we’re not afraid to take on a case that has some difficulties or some liability that’s in dispute. If we think it’s a good case and we feel strongly about it, if we believe in the case, we’re going to take it on and we’re going to fight for it. And we’re not afraid to go to trial, and we’re not afraid to deal with some of the issues that other firms might run away from. Because again, if we believe in the case, we’re going to take it on and we’re going to represent the clients to the fullest. And we’ve had good results with the types of cases that some other law firms might have shied away from or been scared to take on. So I think that’s one thing that helps us to stand out as far as a personal injury practice.

As it pertains to entertainment law, I think one of the huge advantages that our clients get from our law firm in entertainment is the fact that I not only know the legal aspect of the entertainment practice, but I’ve also had a chance to sit on the business side with my prior experience as a record label executive. So having that insight to both the business and the legal aspects of the entertainment world I think are a huge benefit to our clients.