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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks about his experience in personal injury law.

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So one of the first attorneys I worked with kind of exposed me to the practice of personal injury law. Former state rep and gubernatorial candidate named Randal Mangham here. And what I learned pretty early on in my career was that practicing personal injury law is really rewarding for a couple of reasons. Obviously the financial incentives are great. But more importantly, it really helps you to realize the value of your client’s case because you’re mutually aligned. It’s one of the few areas of law that you actually get to work as a partner with your clients since your interests are essentially uniform as far as trying to get the best results you can for the client.

And obviously it also gives you an opportunity to do some good work to help clients who have been injured and are hurt to become whole and to seek justice. And that kind of brought me back to my reason for wanting to become an attorney in the first place.

I know there are a lot of people out there that have been harmed, and oftentimes these insurance companies and these large corporations just eat them whole unless they’ve got somebody with a strong backbone and that’s willing to stand up and fight on their behalf. So that’s what I like to think that we do at our firm; we stand up to the insurance companies, we stand up to the corporations, and we hold them accountable for their wrongdoings and make our clients whole. And we try to get them the top dollar value that’s possible in the process.