How did you come to practice entertainment law?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks about his experience going into entertainment law and his days as a music promoter.

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That’s a funny story. My entertainment practice really began back with an artist by the name of YC. He had a song called Racks On Racks On Racks. That was my first big entertainment client. But as I mentioned earlier, before even getting into entertainment law, I had been involved on the business side of entertainment.

When I used to promote events in undergrad, my friends continued to promote in undergrad, and I went to New York while in law school. And nobody informed me not to continue to promote events. So that’s what I did even in law school. Teamed up with some of my buddies that were on Wall Street and some of the other colleagues I had at the other universities and grad schools in the area. And I partnered with some of the most prominent music industry promoters in New York City. And so I kind of got exposure to the music industry that way.

As a result of that exposure, I got approached by alumni from Columbia Law School who had his own record label with Universal Music Group. And he was telling me about an artist he had that was going to be blowing up and was going to be everywhere that summer. And of course, you know, me being a hotshot in law school at the time, I thought I could, you know, just kind of dismiss it. And sure enough, that artist blew up. She became huge that summer. So I said hey, this guy’s really in the music business, and he was alumni, seemed like a good guy.

So when I heard about new artists in Atlanta that were coming up, I notified him about them. And he was so caught up with the other artist at the time, he kind of ignored what I was telling him. Those two artists were Young Jeezy and T.I., who are now some of the biggest rappers in the music industry.

When that happened, he started kicking himself I think. And he said, well, you need to be my A&R to help me scout talent. So my negotiation skills back in law school with that, I said, well, I’ll be your A&R if you agree to help provide me with my own record label distributed by Universal down the line. He agreed. I started working with him and his record label.

And, you know, fast-forward several years later, I got a record deal with Universal Music Group for my record label. And once I started – once I left the law firm and started my label, I think word got around town in Atlanta that I had a great relationship with the president of Universal Music Group. Great guy by the name of Avery Lipman. And we started getting a lot of requests for us to sign individuals to our record label here in Atlanta. And I said, well, I can’t sign everyone, but I can represent you. And that’s really the way my entertainment practice started to take off. I started representing more people.

And at some point in time I crossed path with a phenomenal artist, brilliant guy here in Atlanta by the name of Gucci Mane at one point in time as well. And he trusted us with some of his legal work. We did a good job with him. And, you know, that kind of really set us to another plateau with our practice.

And since then we’ve teen fortunate to be named as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars for the State of Georgia. As you know, a very prestigious award I think reserved for 2.5 percent of attorneys in the state. We’ve had that honor back to back now for the last two years. And Lord-willing, it continues in the future.