Why did you become a lawyer?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks about his admiration and interest for the law and speaking on behalf of people in a legal dilemma who can’t articulate for themselves.

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That’s a funny question. Whenever I get asked that question, I think back to my early days, around five or six years old, when I was watching a television show back in the day called The Judge. I was home sick from school and I saw this television show. It ‘s somewhat like a People’s Court now. But I saw individuals there trying to plead their case to the judge in the television show. And I remember having an epiphany moment at the time, at the young age of five or six years old, that they needed somebody to speak on their behalf. They weren’t doing a good job getting their point across to the judge. And I thought, somebody should be able to speak on their behalf. I could do that for them.

And I later learned in live that there is actually a job for that; it’s called a lawyer. And that’s kind of how I early on started heading in that direction, by wanting to be an advocate for those that didn’t have a voice or couldn’t speak up properly on their own, or at least couldn’t get their point across the same way that a trained attorney would be able to. And that’s kind of what I’ve found to be my calling since a very young age; speaking up for the voiceless.