Tell us about your background, specifically, your early years, before law school.

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Thomas Reynolds talks in length about his background and his days as a promoter for entertainment.

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Well, I spent a lot of my time in undergrad before law school unknowingly delving into the entertainment world. When I was there, I didn’t have a lot of money at my disposal. And I got together with a few friends and I kind of spearheaded these events that we would do. So we’d throw special events around the City of Atlanta at the time, doing promotions if you will. And I remember at my very first event we had a very prominent record producer by the name of Swizz Beatz show up. And we made a lot of money at the time. And I thought hey, this is a good way for me to earn a little income. And so I did party promotions during that time period. So I kind of got my start in entertainment there.

At the same time during undergrad at Morehouse I took the initiative to start getting into the political sphere where I would help with political campaigns. I helped a campaign – I was campaign manager for one of the state representatives here, Attorney Randal Mangham. And I got my experience also with the Congressional Black Caucus, where I did two congressional internships with them; one in DC and one here in Atlanta. And so I think those also kind of provided me with good mentoring opportunities for those that had kind of laid a path before me.

I’ve worked with the 100 Black Men of Atlanta as well at a young age. That kind of helped to steer my path and expose me to some of the possibilities that were at my feet if I worked hard and engaged myself.