Wrongful Death Case

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about a specific case he remembers.

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I think probably the wrongful death case that comes to mind the most is not even the most significant recovery that I got. It was a husband and wife who were traveling on a rural road when a tractor-trailer attempted to pass them on the left and the tractor-trailer was not paying attention to the fact that my clients had a turn signal on to make a left turn. Just as the couple made the left turn the tractor-trailer tried to pass them and hit their car. Unfortunately, the wife who was the passenger in the car passed away, the husband survived, and the reason I guess, this case had such a large impact on me was because to a large degree the husband blamed himself at the outset for the wreck. He didn’t remember a whole lot about it and so all he knew was he was taking a left turn and his car got hit. And so to a large degree he blamed himself for his wife’s passing.

Ultimately, we would be able to show that he had no responsibility for the wreck the wreck was completely the tractor-trailer’s fault. And it was not only the recovery that we were able to get for him and his wife but also, I guess, the sense of peace for the husband to realize that he really didn’t have any role in his wife’s passing but rather this was the tractor trailers fault and that he really did nothing wrong. I think that was a very emotional and impactful case for us.