Product Liability – The Case of the Defective Ramp

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about a specific case he worked on about a defective ramp.

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I think the product liability case that comes to mind first and foremost, again, whether good or bad, I guess, the cases that come to mind the most are the ones that were the most hotly contested. We represented an individual who was he had rented a Ryder truck and if you’re familiar with trucks they have the ramps that you pull out from the back of it that you wheel stuff onto. In this case my client had rented a truck and he had pulled the ramp out and he had latched it on and as he was rolling some concrete up into the back of the truck the ramp failed and gave way and he fell to the ground sustaining a pretty significant back injury.

We ended up suing not just the maker of the truck but the manufacturer of the ramp to show that they had not used the proper welding on the hooks. You had to hook the ramp onto the back of the truck they had not manufactured those hooks properly and so when he rolled it up there the concrete onto the ramp it was heavy and the hook broke and he fell to the ground.

Again, that was one where we traveled, I think, I had to have traveled three or four different states to take depositions of experts and people who manufactured it and so forth. And again ultimately, we were able to overcome summary judgment in the trial court and ended up settling the case a couple weeks before trial for a fairly significant amount to help my client.