Motorcycle Accident Cases

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about a couple motorcycle accident cases he’s been involved in.

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Yeah, motorcycle wrecks are often very hard cases to handle. Almost invariably, the people who hit motorcycles will tell you they never even saw the motorcycle before it happened. Motorcycles a lot of time, they get blamed for speeding, they get blamed for weaving in and out of traffic they’re often, again, very difficult cases because the people who cause the wrecks with motorcycles often blame the motorcycle rider themselves. We handled a case in north Georgia where a motorcycle rider was coming around a curve and a person took a left turn in front of the motorcycle. Unfortunately, the girl who took the left turn in front of the motorcycle stated she never saw him and the motorcycle hit the car and the motorcycle rider perished in the collision.

And again, they’re very hard cases to handle because or I should say they’re very unique cases to handle because of the complexities of the lines of sight and the speed involved. And so those cases are they’re often rewarding when we’re able to get recovery for the riders because just as a group motorcycle riders are often criticized for the way they drive. So again, they’re difficult cases but they’re very rewarding when you’re able to get a recovery for the riders.