Insurance Company Bad Faith

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about a specific case he remembers standing out in his career.

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I have handled several cases and I should say the bad faith cases tend to stem from underlying good cases. I had a case where my client had a fairly significant brain injury and we sent a letter to the insurance company for their policy limit, which was the underlying $25,000.00 policy limits. For whatever reason they missed the deadline for responding and we ended up having to file suit. Ad ultimately, were able to get a high six figure settlement on behalf of our client on a $25,000.00 policy by making the insurance pay the bad faith penalties for not having settled the case when they had the opportunity to do so prior to the litigation process starting.

And again, it was very rewarding because my client deserved a lot more than the $25,000.00. Unfortunately, at the outset it looked like that was all she was going to be able to get because that was the extent of the insurance company available and the individual who caused the wreck certainly did not have any assets that would help her. When the insurance company refused to pay or did not pay in a timely basis when they were given the opportunity to do so we were able to get about 25 times or so the policy limits in order to help the client.