What should I prepare and bring to the first meeting?

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about how someone can prepare for a first meeting with him at his law firm and how to be ready.

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Well, in most cases we don’t need anything. An accident report, a medical record, things like that. If you’ve got them we always like to have them but in general, those are things that we can get along he way. These days you can get police reports off of the internet fairly easily. Same thing with medical record we’re going to end up ordering medical records and documentation anyway. But anything you have certainly we’d like to look at. Pictures of the vehicles, pictures of the scene of the wreck if it’s a car wreck, if it’s a slip and fall case pictures of what you fell on or what caused the fall. Things like that are always great to have. We don’t necessarily have to have them at the first meeting we’re certainly going to want to get them along the way.