Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about his background practicing as a lawyer and his work ethic.

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I was actually, when I graduated from the University of Georgia I decided that I needed to work at the same time that I went to law school. So I had a fulltime job for a firm during the day and then I went to law school at night pretty much for three solid years, I didn’t take any quarters off or anything. And I’ll tell you the thing that made such a difference with that is it really taught me a work ethic. I get to work early in the mornings, I stay till the evenings I had to do that when I was working and putting myself through law school and it’s 25 years later but I would tell you it still carries over to today. My wife sometimes complains that I don’t take days off and I don’t come early but that’s just the nature of who I am and how I work. If there’s work to be done, if there’s clients that need something done on their case I’d rather be at work and take care of it and then take the time on the weekends and at night with my family.