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This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun as he talks about the uniqueness of his firm and what makes the firm stand out as well as advice for what people should look for when trying to hire a personal injury attorney.

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A lot of firms out there whether they’re personal injury firms or other firms really don’t like to go to court whereas that’s the majority of our practice. I get most of my cases are referred from other firms who for whatever reason don’t want to go to trial where they need somebody to actually go into the courtroom, represent the client in front of the judge and jury. And I think maybe that’s what sets us apart more than anything else is simply that that’s what we do.

Talk to people, interview lawyers; see who you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve got somebody you’re comfortable with then you want to find somebody that knows what they’re doing in the particular area of law that you’re looking for. In this case somebody who handles personal injury law exclusively.