$9.250 Million Catastrophic Injury Case

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about an important case he worked on.

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I think if I had to pinpoint one particular case it was a tractor-trailer case for a young six-year old client where my clients were sitting in the roadway a tractor-trailer was driving in a construction zone and another car cut off the tractor-trailer. And the tractor-trailer hit that car and then ended up swerving across the roadway and hitting my client’s vehicle totaling the vehicle with a six-year old who was asleep in the backseat.

Initially, when we got the case the insurance company and the trucking company for the tractor-trailer denied all responsibility blaming the car that had cut the tractor-trailer off. We ended up filing suit on the cases it came to find out that the tractor-trailer driver was going way too fast for a construction zone. And ultimately, when he couldn’t stop for the other car instead of being able to bring his truck to a controlled stop he veered across the highway, which is when he ultimately struck my client.

I was told by the defense lawyer when we first filed that lawsuit that they would never pay a dime on the case based on the fact that they didn’t feel that they had any responsibility for it. Ultimately, we were able to secure a $9,250,000.00 settlement for our client the week before trial. And I think that that’s one of the cases that not just because of the amount of the settlement but because the case itself it was one of my favorite cases we were really able to help my client in that case.

He was a six-year old who was rendered for the most part brain dead as a result of the wreck and we were able to secure a settlement that allowed his parents to quit their jobs, take care of him, buy a house, buy the things that are necessary for him for the rest of his life. And to do it in a case where the police report was against us, the tractor trailer company, and insurance companies all told us we had no hope of recovery. To be able to help get that child a recovery and help his life and his parents life really meant a lot to me.