$875,000 Car Accident Case

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about a specific case he worked on that stands out as a large verdict in his career.

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That was a case where my client was rear ended out on 400 here in Atlanta and it was another where initially they just said he wasn’t as hurt as he said he was. He was an older gentleman so he had some degenerative conditions in his back and his neck and the insurance company and the other party at the beginning said you know we really just don’t feel like he was that hurt everything was pre-existing. We ended up litigating the process and as it seems to happen to me a lot, I guess, we settled a couple weeks before trial by being able to show that the injuries were in fact related to the wreck. And even if the underlying injury wasn’t related to the wreck the pain and suffering that my client experienced as a result of the wreck is what ultimately led to his treatment and surgery that he had to get.

So we kind of looked at it that way not necessarily trying to prove that the underlying injuries were caused as a result of the wreck because he was an older gentleman there was no question he had some degenerative conditions. But we were able to show and convince the insurance company that the wreck caused him to be in significant pain. The pain is what ultimately necessitated him going to the doctor therefor the doctor bills including the surgery from that cases were what led to the large recovery.