Meet Isaac Tekie

This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney Isaac Tekie as he talks about his background and what he enjoys about working as a lawyer, as well as a memorable case he worked on and why it stands out.

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I really enjoy the aspect of the teaching people. A lot of the clients that we have, we may be the first set of attorneys that they have ever had working for them and so I am in a position to really explain the law. I started out working for a big firm and that really was an educational and informative experience. And then I went into a practice here with – at the Reynolds Law Group with Thomas and that has really added an extra dimension to it.

You know, this is not one you’re gonna read about in the papers, but it really just highlights some of the things that I enjoy about this practice, is that there was a man who slipped and fell in an oil pit at one of the oil changing stations here in town, and he had been having other issues in his life and he was really just down and out and didn’t think there was anything to be done. He came to us through some other contacts and we were able to let him know that it’s gonna be okay and that we were gonna be able to handle his case.

He didn’t feel like he had a case. He had talked to some other people that said, well, you know, you should have seen it and sort of blaming the victim, but we took on his case and took it to a settlement, and he was very happy and really restored his sense in the justice system and in fairness, and it was really a case that let me know that I’m doing the right thing here.