What makes your firm different from other firms?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Isaac Tekie talks about what’s different about working with his firm.

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Well, I believe there are a couple of things that distinguishes us from other law firms. One of the key things is that Thomas and I both met while working for one of the bigger firms here, and we really strive to bring that sort of excellence to our smaller practice and that makes it so that we are not scared to take on tougher cases. Now, we don’t turn down cases that are smoking guns or clear winds, but we are also not scared of the harder cases with harder facts and we’re willing to kind of put in the work and take on some of those cases that others may not, for either because they don’t believe the liability is clear enough in a personal injury action or the damages may not be high enough or things of that nature. But we really strive to take on cases that we believe have merit and sometimes those may be tougher cases with harder facts.